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Select your state to adopt a drain or track impact. Don't see your state? Contact your city's local stormwater department and ask an administrator to visit ms4.adopt-a-drain.org to bring the program to your city.

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789,982 lbs debris collected
26,860 drains adopted
15,466 adopters

How to Adopt a Storm Drain

Adopt-a-Drain asks residents to adopt a drain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris to reduce water pollution. Our program collaborates with cities across the country. Residents: select your state to adopt a drain or track impact. Cities: select your state to access the admin, or visit ms4.adopt-a-drain.org to learn about the program.

Sign up

Sign up online to Adopt a Drain in your neighborhood.

Keep your drain clear

Sweep leaves, trash and other debris off the drain surface year round.

Track your impact

Keep an estimated total of the debris you collect and enter it into your online account so we can gauge the cumulative results of our work.

Lead by example

Let friends and neighbors know about your commitment and, if they ask, tell them about small things they can do at home to prevent water pollution.

Track Impact

Reporting only takes a few minutes

Log in to estimate the amount of debris collected from your storm drain. Report after each cleaning, once a month, or once a year - whatever works for you.

Track Impact